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##My first contribution to open-source

I was always being attracted to the philosphy behind open-source. It gives a great deal of satisfaction when you know the code written by you is going to be used by millions of people around the globe. So many people believe in the ultimate philosphy that software should always bring out betterment of people and society as a whole. Also, its free but …

Free as in free speech, not as in free beer. ~ Richard Stallman

Well, if you believe in that philosphy then I recommend you to jump right in. Don’t get discouraged in the process as it might take some time (months, may be) to get your first patch merged into the master. Hang in there and it will surely happen ! :-) Its but natural not to understand anything at the first sight but hey! help is out there. Ask questions on IRC, mailing list etc. Generally, people there are very kind to help you out with any problems (setting up dev environment, solving bugs etc.) but its you who has to take the initiative and move ahead.

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I started off with GNOME foundation and my first contribution was to incorporate “Shortcut keys overlay”. Most of the GNOME applications have keyboard shortcuts but it was necessary to display all the shortcuts of the particular application in case the user forgets or confuses themselves.

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Shortcut keys overlay

The application for which I added the overlay was gnome-photos. Obviously, I couldn’t get it right at the first attempt but Debarshi Ray (maintainer of photos) help me out at every step and finally my patch made it to the master. Yay !

There are so many other things I have learnt during the process and Debarshi was always there for me explaining, correcting, guiding things to me. Without his help, I would not have made this far so quickly. Thanks Debarshi!

Markdowm Image

Overlay for gnome-photos

This is more or less about my first patch to open-source. I will be writing more about GNOME, open-source and how interesting the journey is ! So why, waiting ? Go ahead and make your first commit into the master ;-)

Stay tuned. Happy hacking!

Umang Jain

Umang Jain

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