What's new in gnome-photos (beta release v3.20)

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##What’s new in gnome-photos (beta release v3.20)

Photos is an application to access, organize and share your photos with GNOME 3. The speciality of gnome-photos lies in its minimal UI which allows users to manage their photos in an effective manner at one place. Using gnome-online-accounts, the application also has support for managing photos from Google, Facebook and Flickr.

There has been a lot of new features implemented in gnome-photos for this cycle (see roadmap) mainly including editing and exporting of photos. Well, implementing them were not as simple as they sound and a lot of effort has been invested in order to make the application promising.

###Photos get edit palette Seeing from the user’s point of view, other than viewing and managing photos at one place, there is a constant need for editing those photos as per the user’s choice. Debarshi Ray (maintainer of photos) implemented the editing palette module and it is based on GEGL.

Tools in the edit palette:

Markdowm Image

Edit palette

Markdowm Image

Crop tool

The crop tool contains widely used crop presets. If a user wishes to crop an area of his choice, he can toggle off the “Lock aspect ratio” and select the crop area freely.

Markdowm Image

Color tool

The color tool will help the user to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation levels of the photo. The effects are instantly applied as the scale is changed.

Markdowm Image

Enhance tool

The enhance tool comprises of sharpen and denoise. A rigorous testing of these tools was carried out and the results were compared against GIMP’s latest stable version.

Markdowm Image


Filters can make the photos appear more fun and unique. Its also cuts down the efforts to be made by the user if he tries to apply each operation one by one in a sequential manner. Photos contains widely used filters which are applied instantly at the click of a button.

###Exporting photos Until now, gnome-photos had a very basic mechanism for exporting photos. With the landing of edit palette, it is also necessary to export edited images for further use. Therefore, this is the next major feature that was worked upon this cycle. Currently, the following tasks that relate to exporting of photos has been completed:

Markdowm Image

Manual export (edited image)

Markdowm Image

Export selection

So, this is all the new stuff you’ll going to see in gnome-photos for 3.20 release. There were many more things done at the backend for enhancing overall user experience. Thanks to Debarshi and other contributors for making it possbile. The tasks are up for 3.22 and a lot of other major features are proposed. I hope the application addresses its purpose and make your life much easier. Hang tight, 3.20 is almost there! ;-)

Stay tuned. Happy hacking!

Umang Jain

Umang Jain

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