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I have been looking into laptop stands as I spend considerable hours sitting with my laptop which has led to hunched back. But when you open amazon, I wasn’t able to justify the cost for such a simple thing.

So, little preface. I experimented with thick books and what not, so that the laptop base could be raised as an inclined plane but they had some problems and I didn’t generally like it. Therefore, what I did? Ask the DIY internet.

/me goes and watches videos on DIY laptop stands.

Now, these videos’ people have all sort of fancy machines/tools/workshop to make stuff like this. Obviously, I didn’t have those so the most I could do is find a carpenter and ask him to do it.

BUT even that sounds like a lot of work and most important, will take time! :-/

I have some friends over hardware labs which has access to things like laser cutter, CNC, 3-D printer; that could work but again, I wanted something fast and almost at no effort cost.

All this time, I had a voice in mind going on, “It can’t be this tricky, it has to simple, it has to simple!!”

Finally, I got it !! PVC pipe parts. You can get them very easily in India and they are really really cheap and gives sturdy construction. So, the total cost incurred is Rs. 120/- (1/6th of the amazon thing, whatever that was) and I built it within half an hour. It’s very simple so pictures will do the talking. So, no more hunched back problem.

Markdowm Image

This does pretty good job given the cost incurred.

Umang Jain

Umang Jain

Makes the machines talk

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