Google Summer of Code with GNOME - 2016

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This year I applied for Google Summer of Code and fortunately got selected in one of the best community out there, The GNOME Foundation. It is the same community I have been contributing since last november. GNOME is known for its user-friendly desktop environments and it is nothing less than a dream come true by getting selected in this organization.

Background of GSoC

Google summer of code is a yearly program conducted by Google for encouring students to contribute to open-source. Over 10,500 students and 500+ organizations have participated in this program. The student has to select an organization, look up their ideas for summer of code (or come up with one), prepare a proposal/timeline based on the idea and submit the proposal. The organization then selects the best-matched proposal against the idea which is the confirmation criteria of whether or not the student is selected.

My project - GNOME Photos

My project for this cycle is to implement sharing features in gnome-photos. Last cycle (GNOME 3.20) we had worked on editing palette (crop, color, enhance, filter) and those are quite stable now. Therefore, a significant missing feature is regarding the sharing of the image which I would be adding to the application as my GSoC project. Isn’t that great ? :P

The project is quite interesting and ridiculously simple to understand. It is quite simple to imagine the stuff which is being built. One can easily step into the user’s shoes in this regard. A user views an image, good; can edit one, better; can share it online; Great! What else you need now? Everything at one place.

However, Google is moving on form picasa to Google Photos. Therefore, it was somewhat difficult to frame my proposal in a proper systematic manner as the API might change and/or they stop working. I am already prepared to fix up breaking things, in case that happens!

Looking forward to great summer. Happy hacking. Stay tuned!

Umang Jain

Umang Jain

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