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In this blog post, I will be sharing my GUADEC experience which recently held from 11-Aug-2015 to 17-Aug-2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany. I actually got to see the faces behind IRC nicks, met most of developers and people from GNOME community and also most importantly, GUADEC helped me to meet my Google Summer of Code mentor Debarshi Ray in person which was just great.

##Core conference 12-14 August

I attended most of the talks held during the core conference days. Some of which were too advanced to understand at this level. Hopefully down the line in future I would re-watch them (yes! talks are recorded here) and will be able to understand. But I could feel the energy in the room with the speaker presentating and answering audience questions. All in all, those were “legendary” :P

##BoF days: There were BoF sessions held after the core conference days. As I had already my GSoC’s project on hand, I just attended some BoF session for sometime. Rest of the time, I was focusing on my project.

I would like to mention, I did attended GStreamer workshop held on 11-August-2016, given by Olivier Crête. I was able to understand fundamental concepts in GStreamer including GstElements, Object’s Factory, pipelines, bins etc. At the end, we also built a small audio-video player capable of playing any media file. The workshop was sponsored by Collabora.

Olivier Crête prepared hands-on exercises which was a very effective method of learning quickly. The workshop was well-paced and I thank him for arranging the workshop. Looking forward to contribute to GStreamer. :)

I met couple of “legends” of GNOME community including my mentor, Christian Hergert, Sri Ramkrishna, Carlos Soriano and many others. I went up to them and discussed various aspects of how the community works, understanding roles of Board of Members. They were happy to answer all my questions and the discussions were quite productive as I aim to continue to contribute to this wonderful community.

Made couple of interesting friends I met at GUADEC, Gaurav, Amisha, Parth and Atul. We got to know about each one’s project on which they were working. We also presented our projects during intern’s lightening talk.

Lastly, I would like to thank GNOME Foundation and travel-committee for helping out with my travel and accomodation expenses. It would not have been possible without them.

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