GSoC coding - Part 2

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Finally, Google Picasa Web Album are migrated to Google Photos and one can now use the same set of APIs to upload an image to Photos. There was no official announcement or post from Google but my sample programs which were working with Picasa, now work with Google Photos too.

Just after the APIs enabled me to upload an image to Google, I started hacking on gnome-photo’s code and here is the first phase of the project; implemented asynchronous sharing of single image. To save you some time, here is a 25 second demonstration of the phase.

The user interface mainly the share dialog box needs some work. For now, it us just a basic dialog to get an idea of sharing the image. My initial focus is to leverage the sharing logic of the image in the backend while the gnome designers put more details into the dialog. Once the backend is finalized, I can resume the UI part that designers have finalized.

One of the main issue is to stop the duplicacy of images in the overview mode. Gnome-photos already have a functionality to fetch the images from the user’s online account like Google, Facebook, flickr etc. When the user uploads an image to a online service, gnome-photos will again fetch it from the source and hence the image is duplicated in the UI.

After sharing of a single image is finalized, I will be moving towards sharing of entire album. I guess that shouldn’t take make time once I finalize and expose the API for single image sharing.

Stay tuned. Happy Hacking.

Umang Jain

Umang Jain

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