GSoC coding - Part 1

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Yes I know I am a bit late of the party but there is a reason for that. As I mentioned earlier in my previous post that Google is retiring picasa and they are solely focusing on Google Photos from now on and APIs will be undergoing a change.

Meanwhile, what I have to do is to write some sample programs to the check the validity of libgdata on which we were going to support sharing. As stated on the Google’s website, they would be rolling out changes from 1-May-2016 but till now, my sample programs work only with Picasa. The initial plan of Google is to migrate all Picasa APIs to Google Photos API with some changes. Therefore, I have to keeping checking for two things:

Once the API’s start working, I can go ahead with my project. Sample programs can be found here. I hope that they start working soon. There has been no update/announcement on Photos’ APIs by Google, yet!

Stay tuned for more!

Umang Jain

Umang Jain

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