GNOME Photos: Happenings

- 2 mins

New image editing op: Shadows and highlights

Enjoy the Shadows and highlights operations fresh from the oven of GEGL’s workshop. Implementation of shadows and highlights is a port of DarkTable’s operation.

Markdowm Image

Image zooming and scrolling

Markdowm Image

Crop in landscape/portrait orientation modes

Alessandro implemented the changing of orientation of the crop rectangle to portrait/landscape mode. Using libdazzle, I animated the crop preset and orientation changes.

Markdowm Image

Effects are now applied when you set an edited photo as a background

Markdowm Image

Other work done:

Work in progress:

GEGL is the image processing library that powers GIMP, gnome-photos and many other projects. These upstream projects (GEGL and Babl) also received major updates including faster RGB to CIE conversions, faster Gaussian blur, faster GeglBuffer accesses, and reduced lock contention. Probably, it will be covered in a separate post with specific details.

If you want to see more awesome gnome-photos editing features in future, you can support GEGL and Øyvind Kolås via patreon.

Check out the Photos roadmap. If you are interested in contributing, come say hi, at #photos GIMPNet IRC.

Umang Jain

Umang Jain

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