DevConf India 2018

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DevConf IN was organized at Christ University, Bangalore 04-05 August. It turned out to be totally fun-packed excited weekend for me. I really had a great time meeting people from various other open source communitites from India. I also delivered a talk on Flatpak mainly focusing on overall architecture, it’s benefits for the user and developers.

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Honestly speaking, I didn’t expect much from Devconf India but the event has been flaw-less in every sense. Even though the event was sponsored and organized by Red Hat, 48% of the speakers were non-Redhatters coming from other organizations, academia and hobbists. It really brought out the vibe of the “community”.

The most popular track according to me was the “Cloud and Containers” track. There were other tracks like “Testing”, “Community” and “Design” which are often neglected at other conferences but are a big part of SDLC. The keynotes by Ric Wheeler and Karanbir Singh were full of inspiration. Approx. 1300 participants attended the conference.

My talk on Flatpak went smoothly and I managed to keep it under the designated time slot \o/. I also got some questions and follow-ups which I think was a good sign. I also plugged about EndlessOS during the first couple of minutes on what problems it is trying to address using open-source. Adrian also delivered a talk on Flatpak-ing apps.

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I particularly engaged with folks(Sayan and Sinny) from teamsilverblue and fsmk. I also received this coffee mug swag from teamsilverblue :)

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I am amazed and glad that Devconf organizers pulled off this event at such a scale. They did put in a lot of hard work and it paid off. Thank you organizers, volunteers, speakers and participants for making this such an amazing experience.

Next, I am leaving for GNOME Asia,Taipei in couple of days; another round of fun-packed weekend. I am really excited to meet people from GNOME and openSUSE community. I will also be visiting Endless’s Taipei office to meet my colleagues from the kernel team :)

Thank you for reading and happy hacking!

Umang Jain

Umang Jain

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